Saturday, March 25, 2017

Things Found on My Local's Jukebox # 199 The Fall

There's a story behind every song put on the jukebox at Rosie's if you dig hard enough. It's a small, compact pub in the shadow of the St.James Park football stadium in Newcastle with a jukebox just loud enough to listen to the music if you want to and ignore it if you're equally inclined. Here's the small story behind this particular moment. Milli, who is pretty much the patron centre of the place and the first person I noticed, sat quietly at the far end of the place when I first started going in about ten years back turned up after a long shift of baby sitting for a quiet drink. Unfortunately he wasn't going to have one because there was a pack of loud punters from The Irish Centre across the road already making a row on a stag do at the far end of the bar. They drove him out. I meanwhile went to put a few songs on. The volume got to such a point while I was making my selection that I deliberately put on the loudest but also smartest song I could think of. Nobody noticed. My selection came to an end and the loud guys put on Chris Rea's Lady in Red. I left. Life goes on, somewhere else ,and meanwhile this series is almost two hundred.

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