Thursday, March 30, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,166 Swimming Tapes

London band Swimming Tapes new EP, the four track Souvenirs is really a rather lovely object. Setting off rather unremarkably into a shimmery guitar haze that's very familiar to anyone who's remotely aware of  Real Estate, Beach Fossils or Ducktails records, they nevertheless do such a fine job of weaving the song into a dream state that by the culmination of each song the effect is rather spellbinding.

All four songs are worth hearing, more to the point, none of them really stand out of the pack either, because the band take a similar route across the course of each. It all seems rather fitting as the weather outside, (at least where I am), takes an upturn and we head into spring.

Here they all cased visually, in highly appropriate pastel beach scenarios. Clearly a band to drift into dream to. They'll probably need to broaden their palette with future releases as this approach alone will not suffice in terms of longevity but for now, and in this short, sweet dose it will very much do.

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