Monday, March 20, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,156 Spiral Stairs

'I'm going to Aberdeen. That's where they set the scene...'

Scott Kannberg, formerly of Pavement, has a new album out shortly, called Doris & the Daggers. Kannberg moved a few years back to Brisbane, Australia and according to Keith Cameron, who wrote the review in a recent copy of  Mojo, the change has impacted positively on his work, with elements of the sensibility of The Go-Betweens and Flying Nun popping up in his sound. That's  good news to me. Here's the outlier of the album, a song called Dundee Man a wonderfully crafted sunny pop indie thing, with typical nonsense Pavement lyrics, (Kannberg is certainly no Dundee man, apparently it's about a fishing holiday he took in Scotland, but what do specific details really matter here!), and a beautiful ringing riff. that's reminiscent of The Chills at their peak. I look forward to hearing its parent record.

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