Saturday, February 11, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,119 Surfer Blood

This doesn't sound like a record you'd imagine being made by a band called Surfer Blood. Just out, and named Snowdonia, and the band's fifth album, it's pure, sunny guitar driven pop music from start to finish. It's consistently happy, somewhat surprising, given that their guitarist Thomas Fekete died last year. There may be lyrical allusions within it that comment on that event, primarily though wilful positivity and melody appear to be Surfer Blood's main response.

I've posted five tracks here but I could have put the whole thing up because it maintains that sparky, upbeat edge for every one of its eight songs. The Shins is an occasional reference point but somehow James Mercer always seems slightly more introspective than this ever allows itself to be.

According to the Pitchfork review of Snowdonia, Surfer Blood used to be an edgier band and frontman John Paul Pitts an altogether different proposition. I couldn't comment, I only came across them yesterday, but I certainly like whatever reshuffle they've chosen to make. Perhaps as that review states 'instead of making a big play of their bereavement, they pay tribute to their friend with some sounds he always enjoyed.'
So not a great statement maybe but a light, gentle and consistent and approachable one which tells you spring is just around the corner which is news we always need to hear. Not sure I like that iceberg on the cover, it looks to me as if it might be melting, but perhaps it too will endure.

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