Friday, February 3, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,111 Proper Ornaments

All the ones for Proper Ornaments today on here. They helpfully put the best two songs on their new album Foxhole in slots one and two on the track running order. Back Pages is one of my very favourite things I've heard this year and screams The Byrds, (appropriately given the song title), at their warmest and most in thrall of melody. Then Cremated, where the band morph into some kind of dream marriage between that band and the Velvet Underground and chug through its three minutes with unswerving devotion and focus.

This is record collection independent music and the record collection is decidedly a sixties one. Elsewhere the band spend a great deal of time revisiting the bad dreams of Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour. This might be good news for some but certainly wasn't for me. Still, I'm highly grateful to them for these two particular moments.

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