Thursday, February 9, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,117 West Princes

Now here's interesting. West Princes, a Glasgow band formed at the School of Art, and naming themselves after its vicinity district which spawned Orange Juice and from there that whole wonderful Postcard scene more than thirty five years back. And they do that whole tradition marvelously proud. This is their debut single and it's a wonder, a brilliantly inventive mix of guitar adventuring and poetic teenage wonder. 

Both songs, (it feels like an old school 45 single, whether it actually is or not, with an A side and a B Side), Wet Bark is a Slug and You Never Told me What to Say are small marvels though I could only find the former to post here. Something of Vampire Weekend's sensibility is here too, both in the vocals and the whole Afrobeat feel, something Orange Juice were all to aware of. The video for Wet Bark includes snippets from a Soviet Estonian animated film from 1984 called Aeg Maha while You Never Told me What to Say sounds like an early conversation between Morrissey and Marr that's only just come to light. A real treat!

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