Sunday, October 9, 2016

Song of the Day # 994 Cool Ghouls

I spent a very wonderful day in York, one of my favourite cities. A very sunny October day and plenty of browsing and generally soaking up the sights, sounds and sunshine of a wonderful, historical place. I made an early visit to my favourite record shop there, The Inkwell, which I've mentioned on here before. I told the proprietor, one of these great conversationists and enthusiasts that I wouldn't be buying a record this time, I needed to spend time with all the albums I'd already purchased and hadn't listened to recently.

Who was I kidding! I was back a couple of ours later after a beer or two to get this, the latest record from San Francisco's Cool Ghouls Animal Races and a further musical related chat with the owner. The album is a fine memento of a great day. Free spirited guitar adventuring that starts with The Byrds most obviously and then continues with the conversation that Rock music has been having with itself along those lines ever since. I wish I could post the title track and opening song, which is the finest piece of fluent Rock and Roll I've heard all year, but there is no internet link to it. I'll add it as a postscript if and when it appears. Instead its second track Sundial will stand for the whole in addition to its bizarre and somewhat inspired album cover. Great band. Great unheralded record!

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