Saturday, October 22, 2016

Song of the Day # 1,007 Agnes Obel

Doing something like this every day you can't help but pick up on trends: bands from Brooklyn, Portland and Austin; reams of stuff from Australia; unsubtle pilfering from Afrobeat; psych bands of all descriptions; oh, and female singer-songwriters operating somewhere in the wake of Kate Bush. There are reams of them in 2016; Bats for Lashes; Regina Spektor: Brodka; Emmy the Great; Rozi Plain; Angel Olsen. Just off the top of my head. Perhaps it's not fair to lump them in a category like this, but there are certainly common traits.

To Agnes Obel. She's a Danish artist, whose profile is quite rightly growing. She's definitely an heir of Kate but a rather sober, sombre one. This is a taster for her new album Citizens of Glass which is just out. It seems sure to figure high on my list of favourite songs when we come to the end of the year. It has a spectral, classical, wintery poise and stillness as does its mother album. Enjoy!

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