Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Song of the Day 1,011 Miracle Sweepstakes

Now here's interesting. Miracle Sweepstakes, a young band from Brooklyn, (isn't every other band from Brooklyn nowadays?), with a highly inventive gift of melodic invention. I think It Starts With a Birthstone, (time for this blog to get a little smug and refer to itself in the third person, having successfully posted for over a thousand consecutive days), on this one. The band has a relatively low profile at the moment, with their debut album forthcoming shortly, but if these tracks are anything to go for it should be well worth investigating.

Plenty going on here and it's always great to see any band in 2016 not taking the well trodden path but setting out to explore fresh territory. The songs explode at various points in directions that can't really be anticipated or hung on easy critical hooks. They certainly avoid obvious verse chorus structures at all costs and their songs are all the more thrilling for that. Watch this space!

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