Sunday, October 16, 2016

Things Found on my Local's Jukebox # 159 GOAT

I spent a fine few hours in Rosie's yesterday on a Saturday evening when the football team, (the bar lies in the very shadow of the stadium),, had won their match. A pub full of happy people in the gathering Autumn evening. My choice at the jukebox was eight for them, songs that I liked but knew others would recognise and at least partially appreciate, Siouxsie, Clash, Police, Only Ones, Dexys and then one for me, from Goat, a band I'm interested in.

They're a Swedish group with three albums under their belt, have a new record out, recently released and derided by some for its overuse of pan-flutes. Nevertheless, I've heard it played in two record shops over the last two Saturdays in record shops I love and it's sounded great both times. 

A touch of sixties psychedelia, a sprinkle of modern psych, along the lines of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, some wholesale pillaging of the glorious prospects offered by World and particularly Afrobeat musical heritage. And some full on modern, dubious pop mystery, the band play in African tribal masks. Nevertheless, this, from their 2014 record Commune, went on as the end choice of mine, at the end of my jukebox shift and sounded quite wonderful and also got some bar approval. Fingers drumming on the bar and a few shaking hips. I'll put it on again.

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