Monday, March 28, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 799 Algebra Suicide

'We're all committing suicide. And everybody points it out to us.' 

Eighties husband and wife duo from Chicago who channeled all of the weirdness of that decade into a series of 'spoken world tales of twisted modernity and existential crisis'. Another band that you come across and realise that if they hadn't actually existed they would probably need to be invented. They convey all the mannered oddness of so much alternative culture from that period of time; think Laurie Anderson, Twin Peaks, After Hours or that other escape from Yuppie-dom movie Something Wild.

'Wow! Heaven must be a big place.'

Every song is a perfectly realised dose of this controlled trip to the dark side. I've only posted a few here but they had loads on the conveyor belt. It's rather strange to think they weren't huge. The record worth seeking is probably with 1987 compilation, The Secret Like Crazy, or perhaps their definitive song Little Dead Bodies, a Waiting For The Man for the eighties which I couldn't find a direct link to here. Sunday afternoon walks on the weird side.

                                               'Pretend you're jaded. To seem intriguing...'

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