Friday, March 25, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 796 Adorable

There are things that end up on here which I never imagined would. Like these for example. From distinct Creation also-rans from the early nineties before the label came across Oasis and their course changed. Nevertheless, this is a fine debut single, particularly its last few minutes when it lifts off into somewhere new as the guitars speed away into a blur.

Adorable had a brief moment in the sun in the early nineties, between Shoegazing and Grunge when the music papers, and Melody Maker in particular were looking for something to push. Really, they lacked sufficient personality to distinguish themselves long-term from the pack. Their songs are pitched somewhere between My Bloody Valentine, Ride and The House of Love, with an additional but distinct Echo & the Bunnymen edge to their sound which was an unusual lead to follow at that point of time.First album Against Perfection is a tuneful and occasionally diverting, if generic collection of songs that now collects high prices on Discogs, probably more for its rarity rather than as a lost classic, waiting to be discovered.

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