Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Papernut Cambridge - Nutlets 1967-1980 # 1 T.Rex

One of my most interesting discoveries of the last couple of years has been Papernut Cambridge, a set of musicians of a similar age as myself who put out wonderful records greatly evocative of the whole experience of English-ness and the bittersweet nostalgia for growing up here in the sixties and seventies. Their latest record is a set of covers of songs from that era, recorded over a couple of days at a studio in Ramsgate, mostly fairly obscure selections which evoke perfectly both the period and how it feels looking back at it from this distance. I'll just post the originals but do hunt down the Papernut Cambridge versions if you can because they're beautifully judged. Here's the opening track, from T.Rex's Tanx.

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