Sunday, November 20, 2022

Albums of the Year # 36 Smidley - Here Comes The Devil


Now this came totally out of the blue as a lot of the best records do. Sidley, someone I've never heard of, a bloke from St. Louis with a moustache and a dazed look who looks like a refugee from an early Seventies West Coast party and what seems to be his second album Here Comes The Devil. 

This is disembodied and strangely haunting music. Definitely guitar orientated but not particularly easy to nail down in terms of its influences. Given a push I might say Mercury Rev or Flaming Lips those two great American Psychedelic bands of the Nineties who someone managed to make a mark while retaining their essential weirdness. 

Here Comes The Devil is a pretty remarkable record that has made my end of year list because it's so good, even though it's mid-November and I'm already almost into the thirties and it means ejecting something I've loved earlier on in 2021. A first world problem, I know.

But this is an album where it's a case of love at first spin. Sidley if that is his real name has also been in Foxing. If this interests you, I advise that you go there to investigate further.

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