Friday, December 13, 2019

Song of the Day # 2,152 Ducks Unlimited

Late contender for EP of the year. From Toronto's Ducks Unlimited. That appears to be Toronto via Dunedin, circa 1983 when Flying Nun's fabulous roster of bands, The Clean, The Verlaines, The Chills, The Bats et al were truly flying.

Four bejewelled songs that rattle and chime along familiar rails to quite thrilling effect. Flying Nun are not the only precursors here. Think Felt, The Go Betweens, The Wake, The Field Mice, early New Order. Altogether this is something of a feast for anyone who ever loved and one of these bands.

The ever reliable Did Not Chart, listed to the right side of this page, brought this to my attention and I'm duly grateful. Read their review here. Ducks Unlimited implore us to Get Bleak and all I can do is get very excited. Altogether wondrous!

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