Saturday, June 22, 2019

Song(s) of the Day # 1,979 Divino Nino

Hot on the heels of the wonderful Boogarins album that hit the ground running a few weeks back comes this. A fabulous new record called Foam from Chicago based band Divino Nino

They're led by Camilo Medina, who grew up in Bogota, Colombia with bassist Javier Forero and then reconnected by chance when their families moved to Miami. From there they moved on to the Windy City where Divino Nino were formed as a quartet and Foam is their first long playing product.

Taking in Spanish and English lead vocals it's a delicious hybrid project. The band are obviously, most clearly informed by the music of their South American youth in addition to the American and British pop music, (Kinks, Beatles and Beach Boys are admitted touchstones), they heard once transplanted to Miami soil.

All in all it's flotation tank soundtrack stuff, the kind of thing that defies the obvious laws of gravity. Aquatic in texture and funky and poppy by turn and often both at once. In short, a joy!

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