Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Song(s) of the Day # 1,983 Carnet De Voyage

Pretty much everything put out on the small but perfectly formed Gare Du Nord record label is worth a listen. Such is definitely the case with Melo Disko the debut album from pianist and composer Rose Chan and DJ Mimmi Xu. Together Carnet De Voyage.

Altogether, as befitting their name and the name of their record label, it's very French. Resembling nothing so much as a movie soundtrack from the Seventies to a Gallic arthouse flick, it sets off with Black Mole, a scene-setting instrumental before really kicking into gear with Radio Shack which on first hearing seemed destined to be one of my tracks of the year.

As good as a long lost Gainsbourg classic with breathy, intoned vocals, it's everything you've ever wanted from French pop music and I wondered upon first hearing it whether anything on the rest of the record could ever hope to match it.

Nothing quite does, though Streets gives it a good shot.The rest of the record is all atmosphere and ticks along nicely without quickening the pulse quite the way Radio Shack had. Still, another fine addition to the Gare Du Nord catalogue.

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