Friday, April 20, 2018

Thirty Independent Record Labels # 10 Milk! Records

The new and third taster from Courtney Barnett's forthcoming album, Tell Me How You Feel, is a welcoming opportunity to focus on Milk! Records which she set up a few years back with partner Jen Cloher. It's another fine track, full of open late Velvet Underground riffing before decided mid-track to go somewhere else, rather than go for the full What Goes On or Rock and Roll Effect. Judging by these three the album itself should be a blast.

As for Milk! Records itself, naturally, Courtney's vast success over the last couple of years has led to her dwarfing everything else on the label to some extent. Nevertheless, there's much else that's well worthy of investigation. Cloher herself, Jade Imagine, East Brunswick Girls Choir and Loose Tooth for starters.

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