Thursday, August 10, 2017

B Sides # 61 The Marvelettes

And this was the record that Marr chose on Morrissey's invitation to play from his collection that first afternoon. Rather than choosing the A Side of the Marvelettes 1962 single Playboy, Marr, (always a sensible fellow,) went for the B Side, a likely way to gain the approbation of someone such as Morrissey. The myth that just the two of them were present is just that however. Marr had brought a friend and potential second guitarist Stephen Pomfret along with him. Fine song too! Written by Smokey. Here's Johnny:

 “I was really into girl groups at that time. Shangri-La’s was the thing I was into, and Marvelettes and Crystals, and all of that stuff. It was quite unusual in 1982, when it was all like sync pop and all of that kinda stuff, to be into that kinda music, even for rock musicians to be into that. And you know when I approached Morrissey and went round there; I knew that he really knew that music. And it felt like I had met the other person on the planet who cared, and actually who owned these things. So I was really, you know, impressed and interested in going through, and actually seeing …”oh right yeah, okay, that’s great…he’s got…brilliant….” I love ‘Paper Boy’ but, I was you know being kinda clever, and I thought it was kinda of obvious putting ‘Paper Boy’ on, so I flicked it off to the other side, and it was called ‘You’re The One’. I thought it was kinda cool I think [“You’re The One’s”] got an amazing rhythm and an amazing beat to it. It’s one of the first songs Smokey Robinson had a hand in writing and everything about it is just so perfect.”

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