Saturday, August 12, 2017

Things Found on My Local's Jukebox # 235 Elastica

I've been spending rather too much time in Rosie's of late so I've got rather a backlog on this particular series. I've been listening to the first Elastica album recently and struggling with it. Such a big record when it came out, the fastest selling debut album ever in the UK, or something like that. For the most part it leaves me rather cold all these years on. There's always a certain nastiness about it along with the smut and the blatant steals from Wire, The Stranglers et al seem rather less cheeky inspiration and more mere theft at this distance. This though, the opening track, steals from Television, which I'm always rather prone to. There's pilfering from both Marquee Moon and Little Johnny Jewel in the first twenty seconds. I like it and will play it again.

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