Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,283 Tyler the Creator

This blog doesn't really pride itself on being on the cutting edge in terms of modern Hip Hop or R&B. Frankly because much of it leaves me utterly cold. I never really had much interest in all the braggadocio, the glorification of the lip, the gun and the dollar, which have always led me to tune out pretty much immediately whenever that kind of stuff comes across my radar. Excuse my ignorance if I'm missing out on a more complicated interpretation of all that, but frankly my own take has generally been that life is just way too short.

There's plenty of that on the new Tyler, the Creator album Flower Boy, but it's outweighed by much else that is far more to my taste. Some of it is simply lovely. An introverted, poetic, almost vulnerable quality, a taste for old school soul, a cool mellow vibe and an incredible imagination. Certainly more than enough that's truly great on there to warrant a Song of the Day on here and a postponement for a discussion of why the more overt gangster stuff always turns me off to a much, much later date .

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