Saturday, July 15, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,273 Laure Briard

One thing that I've got to know since I got going in earnest with this blog, and listening out for new music on a regular basis, is that you can have pretty much anything you want in terms of the contemporary. If for example you fancy some softly spoken Francoise Hardy inclined French female singer with a twist of Stereolab about her on occasion then it's almost certainly out there somewhere for you if only you can track it down.

That's clearly not an example snatched entirely out of the air. In this respect Laure Briard definitely ticks all the required boxes for me. Her album from last year, Sur Le Piste De Danse, is evocative of the wonderful imprints of these artists but the songs themselves are so exquisitely crafted and delivered that she effortlessly crafts her own spot in the scheme of things. A wonderful summer record, even if it actually came out last summer and not this!

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