Thursday, July 13, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,271 French Vanilla

Utterly ludicrous. And all the better for it. Los Angeles French Vanilla have just released their debut, self-titled album and its a wonderful throwback to the moment in Punk and New Wave when the Seventies tipped over into the Eighties. Not unmusical at the same time, there's a lot going on here that may make you think  in turn of Nina Hagen, Slits, Lene Lovich, Romeo Void, Raincoats, X, Pylon, Mo-Dettes, X Ray Spex and all kinds of other off the wall female generated oddness and inspiration. Method in their madness.

There's a spontaneity and simplicity about the artists I mentioned above and the scenes that spawned them that makes it a seam of music still much worthy of mining. French Vanilla are clearly having incredible fun most of all, playing for themselves first and foremost as all the best bands do. Their record is just nine brief tracks, all of them wonderful in their own way and is over far too soon. New New Wave record of the year!

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