Thursday, August 11, 2016

100 Mavericks # 6 Lux Interior

During my first year at university The Cramps played. It's still one of the most memorable and exciting performances I've ever seen. The venue lights were kept on, so wary were the promoters of the mayhem the band would incite. It mattered not a jot. A wild time was had by all. Lux Interior spent much of the evening writhing on the stage itself with his leather trousers threatening to sink to his knees and his microphone plunged down the same trousers.

The Cramps of course were a comic creation as well as being in deadly earnest about everything they did. They offered kitsch and a fascination with the underbelly as a complete way of life. We owe both Lux and his lifelong partner and muse Poison Ivy an enormous debt.

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