Saturday, August 20, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 944 Pixies

From this month's Mojo which arrived on my doormat last night. Lead album review:
'In the third century AD, Pope Fabian sent six missionaries to Gaul, to convert the populace there to Christianity. One of their number Dionysius, made such a good job of it he was ordered as the first Bishop of Paris, but was soon executed by decree of the ruling Roman governor. According to the post-biblical scripture, Dionysius, later canonised as Saint Dennis, was beheaded along with two of his clergy, Rusticus and Eleutherius on the highest point of the city, thereafter known as Montmartre, or 'the martyr's mountain'. It's said that, after they'd lopped off Dennis' head, he picked it from the floor, placed it under his arm, and walked seven miles, all the way preaching the gospel until finally he collapsed behind the Seine.'

Any student of Black Francis's ouevre would surely agree: here was a Pixies song just waiting to happen.'

The new Pixies album Head Carrier is fast approaching arrival. And here are two tracks they've released in advance of its arrival. Their promise is great. Frank Black still has an understanding of his band's legacy and the well it originally it drew on and continues to do. In these two I pick up the spirit of Iggy and The Gun Club. Remarkably, thirty years on, and even without Kim, they still have it!

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