Sunday, July 10, 2016

Song of the Day # 903 Stephen Steinbrink

Listening to Stephen Steinbrink's new record Anagrams, anyone familiar with Elliot Smith will inevitably be reminded of him on a regular basis. Not just because of the voice and the melodic, winding structure of its tracks, its echoes of Beatles and seventies singer-songwriters, but also in terms of the deep disquiet the songs evoke. All calm on the surface but hinting at emotional turmoil and  struggle bubbling below. It's a very good if not great album, occasionally just too indebted to Smith's influence but Steinbrink has a definite gift and occasional breaks out beyond Smith's undeniable shadow and speaks loudly for himself.. I started listening to this yesterday evening and found myself drawn in, having to hear it through to the end. Some of its songs touch on greatness, particularly as the album draws to its close. Only the opening track is directly available and I've posted it above, but I recommend you track down the rest.

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