Friday, July 29, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 922 Crocodiles

Crocodiles are a band who have based much of their long career on coming on as a thinly-veiled Jesus & Mary Chain tribute act. This seems a slightly pointless venture given that the Mary Chain more than perhaps any other band defined what they were all about to a point beyond parody over a career that was certainly a few years and albums too long given what they had to say. Here, though from Crocodiles most recent album, last year's Boys, the San Diego duo who form the core of the band do nail a certain sleazy urban street cool. With nods to Iggy and Stiv Bators too! 

Here to accompany that is one of their early standout tracks where they genuflect instead before the altar of Alan Vega, Martin Rev and Suicide but where the song and vibe have sufficient vim to allow them to pull it off. They haven't always got away with their naked plagiarism over the course of their career, it's always perfectly obvious what they love most and where this all comes from, but in their best songs they achieve a fair level of copycat flair.

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