Sunday, July 17, 2016

100 Mavericks # 31 Damo Suzuki

           On the day after Alan Vega died. An incredibly sad moment in terms of trailblazers no longer with us. Here's a spot for one of the other great pioneers. Blessedly, still here. Came to Sweden in 1968 with a clarinet, a saxophone and a guitar and busked and travelled across Europe for the next couple of years, improvising his life. The story, and it's an incredible one, is here  Spotted by the other members of Can making something happen on the streets and was asked to play with the band the same night. Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi, Future Days and all the rest came out of that.

'If you are really a free person you don't copy anybody. You try to make life on your own terms. To be as free as possible is to not belong anywhere or to anybody. Just trust yourself. It is better not to have too much information because if you have too much information, you are losing a lot of your own creativity. You have to unlearn things and just make your own experience from scratch.'

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