Saturday, July 9, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 902 Cats on Fire

Perfectly accented indie-guitar pop strum from Finland. The band have been active for a decade or more. Singer Mattias Bjorkas pitches his delivery wonderfully, midway between Morrissey and David Gedge. Somewhere between Manchester and Leeds  though actually they're from Vaasa. The band follow his lead with a sprinkling of that swirling Felt and Flying Nun organ sound and a few spoken Jarvis Cocker spoken mutterings thrown into the mix.

Originality doesn't seem to be an issue here, as the whole concoction is such a breeze. The emotions they express will never wholly go away. There'll always be the young. This sounds like music being made by people having a thoroughly good time and that's all you can really ask for. It's all so accomplished, within its small marked out terrain. A perfect mapping of giddy youthful insecurity. The time when feelings meant most of all, and hearts really did feel as if they were broken, before we harden into adult skin. It almost brought me to tears listening through to these songs this morning. When Bjorkas sings, 'No she's not pale, it's a trick of the light...', you can't help feeling that even Morrissey wouldn't really mind.

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