Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Heart of Rock & Soul # 977 Gary 'US' Bonds

'Like all Bonds records, the band continually sounds like it's about two bars from altogether falling apart but somehow, everybody maintains their energy all the way through. On the surface 'Seven Day Weekend' sounds like a teenage lament, with its references to Friday after school' and teachers calling Gary's name while he daydreams, but in reality, the song speaks volumes about the bohemian desires of its authors, the horseplayer and card sharp Doc Pomus and his near-relation Mort Shulman, soon to move to the Parisian Left Bank and form a collaborative partnership with Jacques Brel. That is, there's nothing here in the end, that the Rolling Jones of the Brian Jones era didn't mean to say (or manage to live out). Consequently, even though its Twist and 'picture show' references date it as much as Gene Barge's rudimentary, scratchy sax, 'Seven Day Weekend' with its gabbling chorus seconding Gary's every indolent desire, lives on as the distilled essence of rock's links to creativity in its laziest modes.'

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