Sunday, May 22, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 854 Priscilla Paris

In the classic line of sixties female singers. Originally in the Paris sisters who hit with I Love How You Love Me with Phil Spector in the early sixties. Priscilla made a couple of solo record in the mid to late sixties and then another in 1978.

Although the songs themselves are very much of their time, and not vastly dissimilar from what Dusty, Marianne, Nico, Nancy et al were putting out at the time there is a stillness and simple purity about Priscilla's voice which make them noteworthy. Sadly, they sold very little. Down by the River particularly from her 1978 record Love Is is particularly special.

Plagued by ill health, she moved to Paris in the seventies. She died there in 2004 just shy of her sixtieth birthday.

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