Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 843 DIIV

DIIV's recently released double album Is The Is Are seems to have received a fair bit of attention. Largely probably because of the notoriety of leader Zachary Cole Smith and his much documented drug, band and girlfriend troubles. The album itself has its moments but isn't the masterpiece he'd very much like it to be. 

I've posted a few things I like from it. Smith's hero is Kurt Cobain but there's little evidence of a significant inspirational debt in the music. It's much more reminiscent of namesake Robert and The Cure's 17 Seconds particularly. Also Beach Fossils, a band Smith previously played in.

On Blue Boredom his partner Sky Ferreira takes the mic and intones in true Kim Gordon fashion. It's all solid stuff that never quite breaks free of its moorings and into clear water. This stuff has been done before.

Still, there are some glowing, melodic moments. Perhaps in 2016, that's enough. I'd say that so far this year Kevin Morby, Parquet Courts, Sunflower Bean and Teleman have all released better guitar records. Despite some fine songs Is The Is Are, (never mind that title), is ultimately too sprawling and best taken in small doses.

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