Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 808 Ulrika Spacek

Now this is heartening. A crunchy, modern update on how good, distorted fuzzy guitars can sound. From Ulrika Spacek, a band formed in Berlin a couple of years back, now based in London and their debut record, entitled The Album Paranoia, released about a month ago.

Now it's fairly clear where they're coming from. Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Television, Galaxie 500, Pavement, early Cure and Spaceman 3 are names that spring to mind. All bands that knew how to make guitars sound good. Every one of the eleven tracks on here is worth a listen, and they vary their sound and point of attack throughout. The guitars throughout are 'laid on thick like molasses', and it all works, contributing to a great listen.

They took their time over the record, arranging and recording took the best part of two years. But their labour has borne fruit. Each track bristles with energy and vague melancholy. I've just posted four tracks here but could have gone for any number of others. Highly recommended!

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