Thursday, April 21, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 823 Richmond Fontaine

Here are three songs from Richmond Fontaine's tenth and last album, You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back to, released just recently. The band are also as we speak playing gigs on their farewell UK tour. The album title tells the story of its thirteen songs. They're peopled by drifters, drinkers and losers on a permanently downward spiral in small and desperate towns in the Mid-West. It's all quite unrelenting. Not easy listening by any means.

In short doses, though it's highly effective, like the very best Raymond Carver short stories. So clearly and vividly scripted that each song visualises itself in the listener's head instantly. On the impending band split singer and songwriter Willie Vlautin is set to focus on his other project The Delines and his writing. Here's an uncompromising, stark and finely crafted goodbye to this particular chapter of his and the others' lives. 

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