Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bobby Gillespie Select Magazine Mixtape February 1992 # 24 Chuck Berry

The last song of this particular series.

"I love the lyrics on this one," he cackles, between strokes on his air guitar. "He’s supposed to get it on with this girl: ‘let me tell ya ‘bout a girl I know, I saw her walkin’ down an uptown street.’ and, y’know, he’s into her. I love the feel of it - almost out of tune, really funky and dirty and... Actually, we jam this song sometimes." 

"So let’s see what we’ve got. I think it’s quite a good mix of stuff. I mean, I could’ve made a mad tape, with some jazz and things, but I’ve made a pop tape instead. I suppose I could change it." 

No, no, Bob, that’ll be just excellent, honestly. You’re looking tired after all that hard work - perhaps we should’ve left the down stuff till later and had some rock numbers to start with. 

"What do you mean? Dion! Ya cannae get much more rock’n’ roll than Dion! Nor The Faces! Nor Big Star. Nor Patti Smith... It’s a total rock ‘n’ roll tape, man!" 

                                                                     Thanks Bobby!

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