Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Songs About People # 375 Dora Maar

French modernist photographer, painter and poet and lover and muse of Picasso. Also one of the most photogenic people who ever lived. The description of her meeting with Picasso in the Cafe des Deux Magots in Paris in 1936 goes as follows:

 "the young women serious face, lit up by pale blue eyes which looked all the paler because of her thick eyebrows; a sensitive uneasy face, with light and shade passing alternately over it. She kept driving a small pointed pen-knife between her fingers into the wood of the table. Sometimes she missed and a drop of blood appeared between the roses embroidered on her black gloves... Picasso would ask Dora to give him the gloves and would lock them up in the showcase he kept for his mementos."

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