Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,207 Dean Martin

From a very nicely judged mixtape compiled by Robert Forster which you can find here..You can hear echoes of his own songwriting and sensibility in every one of the songs he chose. This song interestingly was written by Bobby Darin. The rest of the list is as follows:
  1. Dean Martin - Things
  2. Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou
  3. The Byrds - I Knew I'd Want You
  4. John Phillips - Topanga Canyon
  5. Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heaven's Door
  6. Roxy Music - Do The Strand
  7. Sly & the Family Stone - A Family Affair
  8. Magazine - A Song From Under the Floorboards
  9. Orange Juice - Blue Boy
  10. The Chills - Pink Frost

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