Thursday, May 5, 2016

Radiohead - Burn The Witch

The taster single and video for Radiohead's forthcoming album. Burn The Witch is not something you have not heard in any shape or form for the band by any means. They've been going for nigh on twenty five years after all. It's not Pyramid Song for example, which you get the sense is what it would like to be. But it is pretty damn good. All build, build, build, 'something dreadful this way comes' although it never quite gets there. Lyrical doom and gloom given the current, bleak global political climate. Repeated wails of 'We know where you live...', towards the end of the track and screeching Psycho style violins, don't really drive the deal home. 

The video meanwhile does deliver in every respect. Especially for those who grew up, like the band, in The UK during the sixties and seventies. Almost a journey from one end of childhood to the other, starting with idyllic images in the classic style of Camberwick Green and Trumpton. Gradually, increasingly ominous images take over the narrative and by the end we find ourselves at the denouement of classic British Horror movie The Whicker Man. Apparently inspired by the current European refugee 'crisis'. Quite masterful! Top marks for the video. A couple loped off, at least from me, for the song.

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