Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7th 2012 Dexys - Whitley Bay Playhouse

Four years ago today I went to see the reformed Dexys playing at Whitley Bay Playhouse in advance of the release of their new album One Day I'm Going To Soar. They played the whole album, which no-one in the audience had yet heard, in its entirety. It was a blinding, theatrical never to be repeated event.

I'm not quite sure about what Dexys have done since. They seem to have embarked on a lap of honour which has lasted to this day. I didn't really enjoy the concert film they put out a couple of years afterwards and I'm a bit nervous about their forthcoming album preceded as it is by a somewhat sentimental cover of Joni's Both Sides Now. Nostalgia was always a large part of Rowland's genius but this all seems like a bit of a fug. Hope I'm wrong! It's not as if he hasn't proved plenty of people so before. Anyway, they gave me that evening. I'll always be grateful!

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