Thursday, July 17, 2014

Song of the Day # 180 East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Every now and then you hear something you haven't heard before that stops you in the tracks. I heard this and The Loved Ones yesterday so that was a pretty good day. This lot are clearly not an all girls choir and may not be from East Brunswick. They are from Melbourne, have some kind of Courtney Barnett connection and I found my way to them through her recommendation as with The Loved Ones. I can't get a direct link but here is the song concerned. Wonderful video too of someone, (presumably the lead singer) tottering on a bar stool in front of a fire, with no shoes on, all the while precariously balancing and sometimes slugging from a large glass of wine. Intense, overwrought and just beautiful. Let's face it, the name East Brunswick All Girls Choir is just about enough in itself. They also have an album called 7 Drummers, named because apparently they get through a lot of drummers. It has a great looking sleeve.

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