Monday, December 17, 2018

Song(s) of the Day # 1,793 Pearl & the Oysters

Gainesville, Florida based Parisians Pearl & the Oysters cook up a wonderfully kitsch pop concoction on their latest album, Canned Music. Almost like some lurid technicolour re-imagining of early Seventies suburban American life; it's all The Brady Bunch, The Jackson 5, Hanna Barbera, The Partridge Family, The Chipmunks and Bubblegum Pop singles with Giorgio Moroder popping over from next door with his synthesiser to provide a slightly incongruous backdrop to the non-stop barbecue.

Whether this idealised suburbia ever existed is bedsides the point, Pearl & the Oysters make a damn good case for it, though much of Canned Music might endanger your teeth, so concentrated are its saccharine levels, four or five track listening sessions could prove highly addictive should you like to fly in their beautiful balloon.

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