Friday, June 9, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,237 Entrance

The first album from Entrance, (Guy Blakesee essentially) for over a decade, (it came out at the beginning of this year), is a really evocative affair. To put it plainly. it's evocative of the mid to late sixties where artists like Dylan, David Blue, Leonard Cohen, Donovan and Tim Buckley did all they could to make music the very stuff of poetry. The record, Book of Changes,  sounds much like many of those, (despite obviously modern production values) in terms of its vision, instrumentation and sheer unchecked vaulting ambition.

It's not an entirely coherent album as there isn't really a sustained mood to it. Not even from one track to the next for the most part. Blakesee to some degree is cherry picking from his record collection. But its peaks are sublime. Songs about romance, rites of passage moments and emotions at their most stretched and vivid, in the place where everything seems to be at stake. Some of the melodies here are quite glorious.The stuff of dream.

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