Friday, September 30, 2016

Song of the Day # 985 Syd Arthur

Surprised to see and hear this today and very much impressed. A band from Canterbury, where I've got a lot of personal history from as my parents retired there more than twenty years ago and I've spent a lot of time in ever since without ever having much time for or personal identification with the place. 

But Syd Arthur are really good. Hailing from that town and calling themselves after a mishearing of the Herman Hesse novel Siddharta which they've cleverly adapted to a conflation of Syd Barrett and Arthur Lee's first names.

Their sound is very Canterbury. Jazz and Folk inflected, with a definite taste of Caravan and Soft Machine, those first bands that formed the core of the original Canterbury Scene while at the same time updating it and not seeming like a pointless retread.

They have a new album out soon from which this is a taster and sounds really great. They'll be playing locally to me too at the end of October and I'll be there to report further.

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